Francesco Gregoretti

Oddly Imploded

Members: Francesco Gregoretti, Maurizio Argenziano.


Choke All Your Habits Before It's Too Late - CDR (Tape Drift, 2011)

From Italy comes this fantastic disc of guitar/drums explorations and explosive sound creation. Something started to implode in summer 2008 but it was initially restrained by other expressions - like Strongly Imploded - until autumn 2010, when it finally, miraculously, happened. Francesco Gregoretti, drums, and Maurizio Argenziano, guitar, hailing from Napoli, Italy, gave life to Oddly Imploded. They come from different projects, mainly One Starving Day and A Spirale, and now also form the core of the already successful Strongly Imploded and of the next to come Grizzly Imploded. A firestorm of impassioned music making that burns with energy, innovation, and hyperkinetic magic.
Cover art by Kieron Cropper.

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