Francesco Gregoretti

Oddly Imploded

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They Just Sit About Review [ RC#122 ]

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They Just Sit About Review [ BU#260 ]
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They Just Sit About Review [ #1211 ]
Oddly Imploded is an Italian duo of Francesco Gregoretti (drums) and Maurizio Argenziano (guitar). Naples-born Argenziano started at the end of the 90s with postpunk band Missselfdestrrruction, followed by A Spirale a few years later. More and more he became involved in projects of improvised experimental noise music. Francesco Gregoretti is a jazz drummer and member of Architeuthis Rex, Many Others, and One Starving Day. Both Argenziano and Gregoretti are participating in Grizzly Imploded, Strongly Imploded and Oddly Imploded. Both musicians are new to me. From what I read Gregoretti is a drummer who is into exploring sound possibilities from his drum kit. Argenziano is an explorer with a similar focus. They make a good team and deliver excellent work with their debut `They just sit about'. Argenziano is a very expressive guitar player and puts everything he has to say in bolded and concentrated short statements and gestures. Gregoretti plays in an intriguing non-rhythmic style. Their inventive dialogues offer a fascinating play of noise and impro ingredients. Not captivating from start to finish, but their thought-over radical approach surely makes sense and is very worthwhile! (DM)