Francesco Gregoretti

Strongly Imploded

Members: Francesco Gregoretti, Mario Gabola, Maurizio Argenziano, SEC_.


Twilight of Broken Machines (EH?, 2011)

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Strongly Imploded / Matomeri split 7" (A Beard of Snails Records, 2011)

Strongly Imploded (fab CD-Rs on Kimberly Dawn and Ikuisuus) hits us with psycho sax outbursts and chopping block electronics, creative deconstruction, augmented by plenty of "rock" oomph!
Limited to "approximately" 102 copies with hand decorated / stamped center labels and xeroxed paste-on art.

WRUW Delicious Delusions of a Discriminating Mind: PLaylist from Jul 30, 2012

III - 3" cdr (Kimberly Dawn, 2010)

Strongly Imploded are a band creating some of the most innovative, outside-music today. Combining live instrumentation and unusual digital manipulations, they create expertly crafted pieces of frantic art. Expect to be pushed and pulled in all the right ways with flourishes of dissonance, rhythm, and pure sound.
Presented in a numbered edition of 50 hand stamped 3" cdrs.


Freefall - CDr (Gruenrekorder, 2010)


Why Use A Proxy? - CDR (Ikuisuus, 2009)


v/a - Pins of Light revisited - CDr (folkwaste records)