Francesco Gregoretti

Many Others

Members: Francesco Gregoretti, Olivier di Placido.
“it’s about auscultation, cannibalism, pickup stringed to the cymbal for primitive processing in real time, it’s more focused, intricated sounds…drum like guitar/guitar like drum”

The duo was born in June 2012 during a tour in Italy, quickly augmented by some studio recording sessions. The result is “Mauvaise Haleine” released by Viande records in october 2012.


Aggression of Paradox - tape C32 (Archivio Diafonico, 2017)

Many Others is a duo made of Francesco Gregoretti and Olivier Di Placido: they're based in Naples, IT and they've been active as a duo from 2012, both with many performances around Europe. This tape features two long tracks of sonic assault shaped out using just prepared guitar and (prepared) drums. Their sound embodies a wide range of impulses and non-genres, ranging from free-jazz to impro-noise. Mastered by Sec_, Artwork by Andrea Bolognino.

La cigogne de déformation - cassette (Scrotum Records, 2014)

Many Others is a tag team, founded in 2012 by Francesco Gregoretti and Oliver di Placido in Napoli Italy.
Many Others is a real time music formation for drum, electric guitar and unfixed pickups.

Francesco plays a game with Olivier where Francesco plays riff on his drum set and Olivier has to repeat them back. Olivier is surprisingly good at the game.

All the tracks recorded the same day and released in the original chronology.

The artwork was done, in the great old vein how we did artworks back in the early nineties, black and white artwork on heavy glossy cardboard.

white high bias chrome cassette limited to 100 copies.

Sample 1
Sample 2


Mauvaise Haleine - CD (Viande, 2012)

Artwork by Sandro Setola

Download track 2

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